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The case middle is a direct reference to the Type Demineur. However, it has been softened with rounded corners and incorporated into a cushion-shaped design. It is unique among the integrated Tudor Replica Watchesacelet watches. The case is made up of three parts: a squared-off bezel, which maintains Tudor Replica Watches's strong, classical design; a sharply-angled integrated lug, which wraps around the wrist; and a screw-down back, through the caseback, where the Tudor Replica Watches.CAL.321 can easily be seen.Tudor Replica Watches This enhances the modern design. The watch is enhanced by the exposed screws, which are polished beautifully on the side of the Tudor Replica Watchesacelets, lugs and bezels.

Belamich's watch has an architectural flair thanks to the choice of a Tudor Replica Watchesushed finish on the case. This is alternated with polished angles at the case middle, back and bezel.

The watch is also available with a non-Tudor Replica Watchesacelet version. It has a moulded rubber strap, which is striped. This gives the watch a completely different look.

Belamich continues, "We wanted our two existing pillars to be complemented. This is the missing piece between our existing case and collection shapes. The square is a radical design and has a professional purpose. It was inspired by the history and past of aviation. We wanted to combine the iconic Tudor Replica Watches watch case with a steel band. We now have a Time instrument for urban explorers with the Tudor Replica Watches05." He points out that he was inspired by Mies van der Roke's work, as well as the Demineur Type.

The Tudor Replica Watches 05 Skeleton is the star of the collection, featuring the skeleton automatic movement Tudor Replica Watches-CAL.322,Richard Mille Replica Watches which is limited to 500 pieces in the world. Also, the rose gold version with a black dial without minute track, and the model in rose gold. The oscillating rotor of the Tudor Replica Watches 05 Skeleton had to be redesigned in order to function perfectly. The [oscillating wheel that looks like] weight completely covers the mechanism, but without concealing it. It was a challenge to make it work: it was perfectly balanced but had to be unbalanced. It was necessary to correct and revise the mass, resulting in a misproportion.

The rose gold Tudor Replica Watchesacelet watch is a stunning piece of jewelry to see in person. It also feels substantial on the wrist. For those looking for something a little more subtle, there is a version with a black rubber band. We say flaunt your watch if you have it.